As part of either the basements structural shell or enabling works BH Basements undertake mini sectional piling or larger full flight piling activities in most of our projects throughout London, each project will have some form of piling solution within the design. We will either engage a soil investigation or review the design teams soil investigation results. Further to this assessment we will undertake the pile design so this can be incorporated into the permanent or temporary design works. As with all our works the piling works are undertaken by skilled and assessed operatives under the strict supervision of our site managers.


Concrete piling, also known as concrete piles or simply piles, is a type of foundation system used in construction to support structures such as buildings, bridges, or other large structures. Piling is essentially a deep foundation technique used when the soil near the surface is not strong enough to support the weight of the structure. In basement construction piling is used for either retaining soil/walls, holding up the building in terms of a foundation where the skin friction of the pile against the soil is used to support the pile or holding the basement/building down to eliminate any risk of the building moving up with soil heave. Again, this is done by using the skin friction calculation of the pile, larger diameter equates to and increased area of friction against the soil.


Concrete piling involves driving or casting concrete columns or cylinders deep into the ground to transfer the structural load to deeper, more stable soil layers or bedrock. These piles are typically made of reinforced concrete or precast concrete and are installed vertically into the ground using specialized equipment such as pile drivers or drilling rigs. As BHB generally work in built up areas drilling rigs are the preferred method and for only certain engineering solutions would driven piles be used.

There are different types of concrete piling techniques, including:

Driven Piles

These piles are installed by driving them into the ground using impact hammers or vibratory drivers. They can be either precast or cast in situ.These piles are installed by driving them into the ground using impact hammers or vibratory drivers. They can be either precast or cast in situ.These piles are installed by driving them into the ground using impact hammers or vibratory drivers. They can be either precast or cast in situ.

Bored Piles

Also known as drilled piles, these are formed by drilling a hole into the ground and then filling it with concrete and reinforcing steel.

Continuous flight auger (CFA) piles

These are formed by drilling a hole with a hollow stem auger and simultaneously pumping concrete through the auger as it is withdrawn.


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“Really enjoyed working with BH Basements on our Project. Tom and Chris were very helpful, experienced and proactive. It was a tight difficult build with occupied neighboring properties but they managed to complete the works with great success. Would be very happy to work with again!”

Jason Bolger
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“We have had the pleasure of working with both Tom & Chris from BH Basements on two residential projects in Clapham and Mayfair. Both projects were undertaken to a high standard, professionally, on time and also on budget.

Guy Saville
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“BHB team have been very professional and flexible at every aspect of construction work involved, site was well run by enthusiastic staff… Ease of communication exceeded our expectations, the ultimate end product was a high quality built, as per schedule and budget agreed at the tender.”

Andy Poplawski
Vitpol Construction

“Chris, Tom & Mario were professional at all times, the quality of the workmanship was very good and they dealt with the variations in a constructive manner. I would definitely use them again and would be happy to recommend them to others.”

Jo Pirie
Bancroft Heath

“BH Basements are easy to work with, good communicators, meticulously organised, with a clear can-do approach to projects. They have willingly engaged on projects that others have shied away from due to technical difficulties to overcome or difficult restrictions and actively found cost effective solutions.”

Neal Newland
Peek Architecture

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